Confident Kids
About the Confident Kids program

Confident Kids is an evidence-based resiliency group program for children and teens designed to teach life skills to boost emotional resilience, self-esteem and confidence. The focus is on wellbeing, emotional health and increasing self-esteem. Confident Kids fosters children's problem solving ability, goal setting and social behaviours.

Since 2008, over 600 kids and teens from schools across Brisbane have improved their academic and sports performance, feel calmer, more confident and experience a more fulfilling and enjoyable home life as a result of participating in the Confident Kids program.

What are the aims of the Confident Kids Program?
  1. To help children develop a positive self-concept (or healthy self-esteem) and to value themselves.
  2. To help children understand how their mind works and how their thinking affects all aspects of their lives.
  3. To help children learn how to distinguish between unhelpful and helpful thoughts and feelings.
  4.  To help children become aware of and manage their emotions and feelings.
  5. To teach children basic relaxation and Mindful Awareness skills.
  6. To improve children's behaviour and school performance.
  7.  To improve confidence, resilience and self-esteem in children.
  8.  To help siblings get along and learn to live together peacefully.


Meet the CK Characters

CK_Promo_pick_for_websiteOriginal CK stories and innovative songs reinforce key strategies and provide a fun and interactive way of engaging kids. Each week we follow the adventures of Meg and Jack as they encounter real life challenges at home and school. 


Superman_CKHave you meet CK? He's a one of a kind, super Gecko who teaches kids how to power up and build resilience and deal with real life challenges in healthy and positive ways.  He's loveable and kind-hearted and ready to help his neighbors Jack and Meg be all they can be!


cheeky_grasshopperHopper is CK's right hand man, always on the ready to learn all he can from CK. Hopper worries way too much and  gets quite fearful of certain critters lurking in the garden.  He's the fun loving flying grasshopper with a big heart.

CK and Hopper Colouring Sheet

 Here's a fun new colouring sheet for your child to use their imagination and colour in our characters CK and Hopper.



Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about the Confident Kids program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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