Success Stories

Success Stories.

What the kids say…

 “Thank you for helping me feel more confident and happy. You are a fantastic teacher”. 

William, 11 yrs

 “I really liked Larne as my teacher”.

Sarah, 7 yrs

 “Confident Kids has helped me A LOT!! The sessions were really fun and the other kids in the group were really nice. Larne was the best teacher ever!! She was really nice and helped me a lot. Thanks to everyone. I loved Confident Kids”.

Robyn, 12 yrs

 “Larne is very helpful and cool”.

Ben, 9 yrs

 “I think the program has really helped. I liked relaxing to the music and just thinking about breathing and what is happening right at that very moment. I liked being able to talk about my problems and finding solutions. I think they should have Confident Kids at schools”.

Georgia, 11 yrs

 “What I liked about the group was feeling like I was no longer on my own. We were able to work together and share ideas. I really enjoyed the soothing, stress-free environment that made me feel welcome”.

Sam, 12 yrs

 “I really enjoyed being part of the group and being able to talk and catch up with each other every week. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the group, it was all fun and I really want to do it again”.

Brooke, 14 yrs

 “I really enjoyed learning new ways of dealing with problems as they came up, learning the breathing exercises and feeling better”.

Emily, 12 yrs

 “Thank you so much for your help with everything. You have solved so many of my problems and you have been wonderful to spend time with. I won’t forget all the things you taught me”.

Lucy, 14 yrs

 “I really enjoyed the group and meeting new people”.

Andre, 11 yrs

 “I have liked how at school I am more confident and can find new friends. It has encouraged me to say things I would have been too shy to say before”.

Zoe, 8 yrs

 “I enjoyed all of it! It is really fun so keep it up”.

Anna, 9 yrs

What the parents say…


 “We wholeheartedly recommend the confident kids program. It helps to provide the building blocks and foundation for a happy, confident child”.

Natalie (Term 4)

 “CK is a fantastic program and I have already recommended it to others”.

Michelle (Term 4)

 “We and Angus’s teachers have noted a great improvement in his behaviour and self control”.

Angus’s mum (Term 4)

 “Saturdays are eagerly anticipated by Charlotte and she really doesn’t want the whole experience to end, which at 6yrs old is amazing. She transformed in about 3 weeks to a much happier person and the change just seems to have continued”.

Kate, Charlotte’s mum (Term 3)

 “Fantastic program! Matthew’s confidence has improved and we have been given so much information and great strategies to use for the long term! Fantastic Facilitators!”

Bronwyn (Term 2)

 “We found Larne and the team very approachable and informed. Dillon learnt great skills to assist in expressing himself in a more constructive manner. Worthwhile course for all!”

Amy (Term 2)