The CK Difference

5 Reasons to choose Confident Kids.

1. Informed by the latest scientific research The program is theoretically derived and incorporates the latest scientific research in the fields of mindfulness training, social and emotional learning (SEL), positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy. We ensure our program continues to incorporate best practice standards.

2. We support the whole family We are committed to assisting your whole family and our team are passionate, motivated and genuinely care about making a positive difference in every child’s life. We provide ongoing email support throughout the program, access to additional resources and opportunities for you to learn positive parenting strategies.

3. Designed to appeal to today’s kids and teens  We don’t ask kids to fill in workbooks that remind them of school. Nor do we expect them to sit around and listen to a lecture about how to pick their friends or how to be self-aware! We know from experience that the best way to engage today’s kids and teens is to present information through a variety of engaging mediums such as film, music, song, role play and visual presentations. We focus on interactive sessions that use a combination of  games, hands-on craft activities, songs, relaxation techniques and Life Coaching to assist your child in realising their full potential.

4. We deliver results Parents and kids alike tell us repeatedly that the program has changed their family life in many positive ways and that their child’s confidence and self-esteem has increased significantly. The program has grown largely due to parents recommending the program to friends and parents in the community and ensuring excellence in program delivery. We are committed to assisting every child achieve positive outcomes and we will work with you every step of the way.

5. Delivered by experienced and qualified Child and Family Psychologists. 

You get the assurance of knowing that we are qualified and registered professionals. We are passionate about coaching children and teens to boost their resilience and thrive.