About Us

About Us

The Confident Kids and Teens program was developed in 2008 by Brisbane Psychologist Larne Wellington in response from parents seeking practical tools to boost their child’s confidence and resilience. Larne recognised the need to provide a positive strength-based program where each child could achieve their personal best by learning emotional and social skills in a fun, interactive format.

Larne is a registered Psychologist and a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) with comprehensive experience working with children and families. She has many years of management experience in organisational settings, has delivered training to both large and small groups and facilitated parenting workshops. Larne has been practicing mindfulness meditation herself for over 10 years. She is passionate about encouraging kids and teens to believe in themselves and to recognise the strengths they already have.

Our Team Approach

We believe that every child is unique, with their own special talents, abilities and challenges. We treat every child that participates in a Confident Kids or Teens group, with respect, warmth and positive regard. We give encouragement, support, feedback and strategies throughout their CK experience so they can reach their full potential. We aim to ensure that every child has an enriching, rewarding experience every time they enter the CK studio. It’s a special place where each child benefits from individual attention, peer interaction, as well as support and expertise from enthusiastic facilitators who can really relate to kids.

We not only support each child, but the whole family, providing parenting strategies and feedback so that everyone grows towards their full potential. We connect with classroom teachers and schools to ensure the best outcomes for every child.

The Confident Kids program is proudly brought to you by Positive Families Psychology Clinic. Contact us on 07 3096 0450 for individual counselling and psychology appointments for children, adults and couples, as well as family mediation. new logo dark font (2016_08_09 13_56_47 UTC)