Confident Kids

About the Confident Kids Program

Many stresses can shake a child’s confidence such as getting a bad grade, being excluded by friends, not being the best, or not being picked for a team, award, or performance. Parents who give their children additional coping strategies and tools help them keep their confidence steady and strong forever. As Confident Kids is a general resilience program, it is not suitable for children with behavioural difficulties.

Your child will learn

  • How to manage strong emotions – anger/anxiety
  • How to resolve conflicts
  • How to deal with teasing or bullying
  • How to make Friends and build relationships
  • How to manage anxiety symptoms
  • How to relax with Mindfulness skills

Age Appropriate Groups

Our groups are delivered in a developmentally appropriate manner across three age groups –

Our groups are organised with consideration of age, gender and comparative skill level.

Each session involves fun and interactive activities designed for each specific age group including role plays, stories, music, games, snack time – social skills and group discussion. Maximum of 6 kids per group.


Initial Consultation

Parents are required to attend an initial 30-minute consultation prior to participation in the program – either by phone, skype or in the clinic. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s needs and determine if the group program is the best option for your child. Confident Kids draws on extensive child psychology research to design a program to help children to thrive. Please contact us if you’re not sure whether the program is suitable for your child.


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