Confident Teens

About Confident Teens (11-14yrs) | Confidence in Teenagers

Teens have so much to deal with that is unique to their generation, as well as all of the adolescent stresses that have been with us for a long time. Pressure from school, family and peers; the pain of cyber-bullying; wanting to be popular; having to make major life choices at a young age – all these things can result in significant stress.

If stressful events pile up, the result can be depression. A sense of failure ­– for instance, after not getting the expected A’s on exams – can also bring on depression, as can experiences of grief brought on by the loss of a friendship, say, or a family breakup. It can be a struggle to support teenagers through times of stress, especially as the teen years are typified by a desire to become independent of parental guidance. However, there are ways to help your teen navigate their own path through the obstacles they face.

Program Outline – Build Confidence in Teenagers

  • How to resolve conflicts
  • How to deal with teasing or bullying
  • How to make Friends and build relationships
  • How to manage anxiety symptoms
  • How to relax with Mindfulness skills
  • How to manage strong emotions – anger/anxiety

Initial Consultation

Parents are required to attend an initial 30 minute consultation prior to participation in the program – either by phone, skype or in the clinic. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s needs and determine if the group program is the best option for your child. Please contact us if you’re not sure whether the program is suitable for your child.

For more information email us at  or phone 07 3096 0450